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Yamaha Modx Montage Coversound - All Sounds Set

Yamaha Modx Montage Coversound - All Sounds Set

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Here you can get all of my currently available sounds for the Yamaha Modx / Montage in a set! For only €120!! The individual sounds otherwise cost €265. 15% discount = €225.25!

So you save another €105, which corresponds to a total discount of almost 55%! If that's not an offer? 3€ per song!!!

1. 7 nights in Amsterdam
2. 1000 and one night
3. Ain't no sunshine
4. Old fever
5. Angels
6. On us
7. Big love
8. Dangerous
9. Yours is my whole heart
10. Died in your arms tonight
11. First time
12. Here I go again
13. I want to know what love is
14. I'm so excited
15. Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime, two versions!
16. It must have been love
17. It's my life
19. Levitating
20. Living on a prayer
21. Major Tom two versions
22. Maniac
23. Mercy
24. Narcotic
25. Without you
26. Radio Gaga
27. Relight my Fire
28. Runaway
29. Sexy
30. She's got nothing on but the radio
31. Sun at night
32. The Best
33. Starlight
34. The Look
35. Time of my life
36. Uptown Funk
37. Damn I love you
38. It's been a damn long time
39. Vincent
40. Westerland

You can find the videos about the sounds at:

If the set is expanded, you will receive the new set upon request for the difference! So no new purchase necessary. Simply contact me by email.

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