FAQ about the mounts

Hello everyone,

Here you will find some information about my holders, which are currently made from PLA using the 3D printing process.

Basically I work with FDM printers. This is a 3D printing process in which the component is created layer by layer. A completely flat surface can only be achieved through targeted rework. In my opinion, it is not necessary for the brackets, which is why I do not currently offer a variant with rework.

Due to different materials, it can happen in rare cases that some areas appear “unclean” despite professional adjustment work. This has no influence on the durability or quality of the product and is not visible on stage. Of course, I look at every part in detail and only products are sent out that I would use or even use myself!

If you are still not satisfied, please contact me and we will find a solution that you are satisfied with.

The components are not infinitely stable. However, this is not only due to the printing process, but also to the material used. If you need more stability, this can also be set up upon request. However, the material is more than sufficient for “normal” applications. Dropping it multiple times is not a problem.

The material is dimensionally stable up to approx. 60°. Problems can occur at higher temperatures, but they don't have to!! So far I haven't had any problems on stage, even in summer, as warming up to the critical 60° takes a lot.

The basic weather resistance is high and the same applies to UV resistance and fading. I have cleaned other components in the dishwasher several times and have not had any problems so far.

You are welcome to ask me about other materials and especially colors. The possible color range is extremely large.

If there are any topics that I have forgotten in my FAQ brackets, please feel free to contact me by email: kontakt@thorsten-hillmann.de

Rack adapter Xr18 with Neutrik D holes
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Rack adapter HX3
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