About me!

Hello everyone,

My name is Thorsten Hillmann and in the musical world I am a keyboard player by profession. At the same time, like probably many other keyboard players, I deal with the technology involved and whatever else the band needs.

I learned organ, keyboard and piano from various teachers with varying degrees of success. With my first "workstation" the Yamaha EX7, I joined the first band and went on stage (sometime around 1996).

Over time there were more devices and at some point I realized: You've already programmed a lot of sounds and they're actually not that bad!

Since I know how much effort goes into programming and I also know that there are some keyboard players who don't want to deal with it at all or can't do it for time reasons, I thought about selling them.

So you get sounds that I use myself on stage and that I tested myself on stage with the band. You can listen to all the sounds that you can buy from me on YouTube! I don't sell a sound without a demo!!! That's very important to me, because I don't think it's fair to buy a pig in a poke, because sound is largely a matter of taste and you don't want to waste your money.

In the non-musical world, I studied mechanical engineering and also work in that profession! This led to my interest in 3D printing and the holders, which you can also buy from me!

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