FAQ about the sounds

Question: On which devices can the sounds be used?
Answer: The Korg Kronos sounds can be played on all KRONOS (from OS 3.0) variants. The Korg Nautilus sounds on all Nautilus (from OS. 1.0). The Yamaha sounds can be played on all Modx / Modx+ / Montage (OS 2.5 / 3.0). The Kurzweil sounds work on all PC4 variants (from OS 1.11) and partly also on the Forte and K2700. The Gig Performer sounds require all the software specified in the product. All required data is included.

Question: Are the sounds optimized for a keyboard variant?
Answer: Yes. At Korg it's the 73 (Kronos EE/Nautilus CC) version, at Yamaha it's the 61 version and at Kurzweil it's the 88 version. Gig Performer is programmed for the 73 variant. You can use the sounds on all variants and assign the keyboard as you need it. I would also be happy to help you adjust it to a different size or adjust the combination for you.
If a variant differs, it will be listed separately in the product.

Question: Where do I order sounds?
Answer: In my online shop or by email to sounds@thorsten-hillmann.de. You can find all prices and offers on the subpages. The invoice will then come via email.

Question: How do I pay for the sounds?
Answer: There are various payment options in the shop. If you order by email, you will find the bank details for transfer as well as a QR code/email for Paypal payments on the invoice.

Question: How do I get the sounds?
Answer: There is a download link in the shop immediately after the payment has been received. After receiving the money, I will send a download link to the required files or the files themselves as quickly as possible. This usually happens within 24 hours. For special compilations, we will discuss the period. Under certain circumstances, an additional charge of €1 – €4 must be expected. If desired, the whole thing is also available as a USB stick (additional charge of €10 and 1 week shipping time).

Question: What about quantity discounts if I buy at different times?
Answer: In the shop there is a flat discount for sales quantities of 10 or more sounds. If you often order individual items, please contact us by email and we will see what options we have.

Question: How do I get the sounds into a device.
Answer: There are instructions on my homepage as well as a video on my YouTube channel. In addition, I can send you a .PDF explaining the exact procedure. The approach of Korg, Yamaha and Kurzweil differs.

Question: What if I can't find a sound?
Answer: Then you write me an email to sounds@thorsten-hillmann.de and I'll see if I can program the sound for you or if I simply haven't created a demo for it yet. If I have to create the sound, I only charge for it in the end if it meets my requirements. In any case, you will receive a demo to see if you are also satisfied.

Question: What if I can't handle the sounds or the device?
Answer: Then you just write and we will solve the problem together. By email, chat, telephone or video call. I usually respond within 24 hours with initial contact!
The first 20 minutes are free. I then calculate the rate for telephone workshops.

That was my FAQ about the sounds. If you have any more questions, just contact me by email: kontakt@thorsten-hillmann.de