Customer feedback

I started analyzing the sound for "The Look" this morning and creating a performance - that's when I came across your YouTube video :-) Thank you for the effort you put into your tutorials and the sound -Make design! It's all very helpful for someone who bought the MODX7 4 weeks ago ;-) Have a good week and thanks again, Vincenzo

Vincenzo (Modx)

I listened to the sound of Angels yesterday and it sounded perfect.
Norbert (Kronos)

“I played the sounds…..
Simply great! Great (a lot of work goes into it, I know)!”
Andrew (Kronos)

“Error found – user – problem. You also have to look through all the benches - I didn't do that.
I've got everything worked out now - really great sound!!

Hello Thorsten. I came across your site via Youtube –Scenen-Modx. First of all, big praise. I think it's great when someone takes the trouble and the thought to make tutorials like this. Thanks for that.
Jürgen (montage)

Your encouragement is appreciated – I hope that I can become more astute with the features of Kronos and its Karma program as I practice like you.
Presley (Kronos)

I'm thrilled with your In the air tonight sound.
Alain (Kronos)

Hi Thorsten, I've seen your YouTube videos and I'm absolutely thrilled. How do you manage to recreate the sounds so perfectly? I've been tinkering with my sounds for 99 Balloons for ages but I just can't create anything worthwhile.
Adrian (Kronos)

I saw your YouTube video on sound programming for the title “Without You” and I’m getting in touch with you because I’m really excited.
Christian (Kronos)