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Gig Performer Rackspace - Here I go again (Mac)

Gig Performer Rackspace - Here I go again (Mac)

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Here you can get my Rackspace for the song Here I go again by the band Whitesnake! The song should not be missing from any rock program. Even though it is played often, it still performs well and is popular.

Gig Performer and the required plug-ins are not included in the package!!
It's just the necessary setup. You must already have the software or buy it yourself.

Currently only for the Mac, as I used the AU variants. I will change it and then it will also be available for Windows!

You will have to reassign some things like the Midi In or the controllers. You can find out how to do this in the second video!

Required software :
Gig performer 4
Korg Triton Extreme
B-3 Arturia V2

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