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Save Korg Kronos Sequencer Wave Files

The question has come up several times now: How can you create a wave file from the sequencer on the Korg Kronos. Unfortunately, this isn't quite as easy as it could be, but of course it works. Today I'll show you how to do it. You can find the whole thing as a video below.

You have already recorded several tracks (you can find a video about this on my YouTube channel) and now want to save the whole thing as a file on the hard drive or USB stick so that you can use it somewhere else.

We are in sequencer mode and first go to the submenu: Audio In/Sampling .

Audio In Sampling

Next , click on the arrow in the top right corner that offers different functions on each page. You select the fourth point from the bottom: Select Directory/File for Sample to Disk. Now you can select the folder in which you want to save. Alternatively, you can create a new folder here if necessary. To do this, click on Create Directory at the top. Whether you use/create the folder on the device's internal memory or a USB drive does not matter for the further procedure. If you have created a new folder, you should also go into it. It was quickly forgotten when the folder was created.


Next, go to the arrow at the top right again and now to the third point from the bottom: Auto HDR/Sampling Setup . This submenu exists in other places with the same function, but since we're here, let's use it too.

Then you land here and select 2ch Mix to Disk and click OK at the bottom. This ensures that a stereo track is recorded when we perform the process.

Sampling setup

This is the most important setting we have to make to create a wave file.

Next we need to turn to the sampling and sequencer section on the right side of the Kronos. Unfortunately we have to run the song through once to create the wave file. The same thing happens on the computer, just not in real time like on Kronos, but much faster. I have no idea why they solved it like that on Kronos.

Sequencer section

To do this, we press the SAMPLING REC button on the far right side of the Kronos, which now lights up red. Then we press the START/STOP button below . This also lights up red and the device is ready to “record”.


Next we press START/STOP in the sequencer area. The sequencer starts running and the song is saved to the storage medium you selected above. At the end you press START/STOP again in the sequencer area to end the whole thing.

Sequencer area

If you now go to the previously selected folder in DISK mode, you will find the recorded file here. If you have stored this on the internal memory, you can now simply copy it to a USB medium.

I hope I could be of some help to you!

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