Keyboarder und das Transport Thema oder: nächste Mal werde ich Sänger - Thorsten Hillmann Keyboard-Sounds

Keyboard player and the transport topic or: next time I'll be a singer

Let's be honest: As a keyboard player and drummer you have to carry most of the stuff. Even at a time when you don't necessarily need so much stuff anymore.

But what do you need? As much as possible and as little as necessary? The other way around? Doesn't matter!

I only travel with a keyboard. Whether it's the Kronos, the Modx or the master keyboard with MacBook, it doesn't really matter when it comes to the sound for my use in the cover band. All three can sound great.

Why am I only traveling with one keyboard? Because I'm too lazy to wear them and rehearse them regularly. If I always carry two keys with me, that's it

1. strenuous

2. takes time

I don't feel like it anymore. Of course there are solutions: the same keyboard twice, then you only have to take one with you. Or just rehearse with half the sound or program a key so that it can still be used alone. In my opinion, it only really makes sense if the second key is a specialist such as: organ, Rhodes, piano or a synth with lots of buttons for playing live.

Since this effort isn't worthwhile or worthwhile for me at the moment, I'll just stick with a keyboard. That doesn't mean it won't change again. Every now and then the idea of ​​an organ clone as a second key creeps in.

Regardless, in addition to the keyboard, I of course also have a tripod, my little rack with submixer and in-ear, a case for the pedals and a few cables that you always need. And then it's a bit more to carry.

How is it for you?

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