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Midi via Bluetooth? CME Widi MASTER, the solution?

Almost every keyboard player has to deal with the topic of Midi at some point. Be it to get something into the computer, connect two keys or use a plug-in on the iPad.

The cabling is always annoying. Not so bad in the (home) studio, where you finish it once and leave it alone, but I think it's an issue for the stage.

There are various solutions for this and the latest is the Widi Master from CME-PRO.

I had already gotten to know CME before, because I converted my Roland AX synth with a CME Widi X8 and put the whole thing in the case. That really worked wonderfully.

That's why I treated myself to two Widi Masters in the pre-sale.

At the beginning there were some starting problems, but now everything works very reliably and CME is expanding the portfolio to include even more useful devices.

Please take a look at my three videos that I made at the time of purchase. A fourth with the current status will definitely follow.

The videos are from the beginning of 2021 so that you can establish a temporal reference.

I don't use the Widi Master on stage yet, but I have well-known musicians who have. Especially with the AX from Roland and they are quite happy. But you have to keep in mind that there isn't a huge amount of data here.

In my home studio, however, I have used it to set up the connection from my Studiologic SL73 to the Mac several times and I'm still not entirely sure. Basically, it works well up to small buffer sizes and I have NOT taken any measurements, but am only describing subjective impressions.

And that is: The USB cable is a little more direct. Especially when you play some notes with both hands, it doesn't feel completely round.

The current firmware is of course installed!

Despite this feeling, I stick with the recommendation: Very helpful tool and definitely worth buying. You can really always use it. I will continue to observe the phenomenon and definitely report it and maybe even take measurements to verify the whole thing.

What are your experiences with the CME Widi Master?

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