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Yamaha Modx Montage Coversound - German Sound Set

Yamaha Modx Montage Coversound - German Sound Set

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Here you can get my current set with all German songs for the Yamaha Modx / Montage! For only €65!! The individual sounds otherwise cost €91 with a 15% discount = €77.35!

So you save another €12, which corresponds to a total discount of almost 30%! If that's not an offer? One sound for: €3.61!!

1. 7 nights in Amsterdam
2. 99 balloons
3. 1000 and one night
4. But please with cream
5. Aloha hey hey
6. Old fever
7. On us
8. Yours is my whole heart
9. Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime, two versions!
10. Lighthouse
11. Major Tom
12. Without you
13. Sexy
14. Sun at night
15. Damn I love you
16. It's been a damn long time
17. Vincent
18. Westerland

You can find the videos about the sounds at:

If the set is expanded, you will receive the new set upon request for the difference! So no new purchase necessary. Simply contact me by email.

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