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Mainstage Concert / Patch Coversound - All Sounds Set (Mac)

Mainstage Concert / Patch Coversound - All Sounds Set (Mac)

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Here you can get all of my currently available sounds for Mainstage in a set! For only €45!! The individual sounds otherwise cost €75!!

1. 1000 and one night
2. 99 balloons
3. Angels
4. Don't stop believing
6th King of Germany
7. Narcotic
8. Without you
9. The Best
10. Uptown Funk
11. Damn I love you
12. It's been a damn long time

If the set is expanded, you will receive the new set upon request for the difference! So no new purchase necessary. Simply contact me by email.

Required software:
Mainstage 3.6.3 and later

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