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Korg Kronos Cover Soundset German

Korg Kronos Cover Soundset German

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The sounds of 20 popular German songs for the Korg Kronos that should not be missing from any program! Here as a complete package with a very decent price advantage compared to the individual titles!

1 1000 and one night
2 99 balloons
3 But please with cream
4 Aloha Hey Hey
5 On us
6 Bochum
7 Yours is my whole heart
8 friends stay
9 Somehow Somewhere Sometime
10 King of Germany
11 Lena
12 Just one word
13 Without you
14 Perfect Wave
15 Sexy
16 sun at night
17 days like this
18 Damn I love you
19 It's been a damn long time
20 Wannsee

.PCG and .KGE are included. No samples, but the programs where a sample should be. This way you can take care of the samples yourself if necessary!

Please don't forget to make a backup and don't overwrite your own .PCG! If you are unsure, please send me a message and I will help you.

In the video you will find instructions on how to load the combinations!

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