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iPad holder for keyboards, why is it the way it is and what variants are there?

Since I now offer several different versions of the iPad tablet holder, I would like to introduce them and explain why they are like that and what alternatives there are!

Basically, all variants so far are not adjustable in inclination. There is a single prototype that is also out for beta testing, but it is not yet what I imagine in terms of quality. Therefore currently: No tilt adjustment possible.

Version 1:

Variant one consists of two plastic parts and two connecting rods made of POM (plastic) or aluminum tube. So far this is the most common variant because it can be used in a variety of ways. Not only tablets, but also other devices can be stored here. There is a guide at the front and sides so that the device sits firmly on the holder. In other words, you can move the holder on the device and it won't slip down!


  • easy to move possible
  • Device sits relatively firmly on the holder
  • Can be used with a cover


  • a fixed width

Variant 2:

Variant two also consists of the two plastic parts and the respective connecting rods. Here we only find a guide on the front so that the device cannot slide towards the keyboard. Of course, moving it is still possible, but it is no longer as convenient as with variant 1!


  • Flexible use as it is not limited to one size


  • Moving is no longer possible


Variant 3:

The third variant is still very new and is currently only available as a prototype for the iPad Pro 11 inch. The iPad is clamped here as you know from my pad holders.


  • No connecting rods required and therefore easier to transport


  • Very specific to one device and not customizable
  • The device must not have a case

We can also find out in a conversation which option is the best and most sensible choice for you!

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